Welcome to the Darras Hall Estate Committee website. What you see today is just the beginning of a new era in communication between us, the Committee and you, the owners.

We very much want this communication to be a two-way street. Hence we have built the website to facilitate the exchange of information both ways between us. This website has the capability to evolve and increase its functionality as our requirements and imaginations see fit.

With your input, the website can develop to become a fully blown administration system for the Estate, streamlining correspondence between us via the internet. To facilitate this, we need your email addresses so please input your details by clicking here.

The website will promote:-

• Faster communications
• Enhanced information exchange
• Improved community involvement
• Greater awareness of Darras Hall as a desirable place to live

We look forward to your support in building this gateway to a more open, trusting and transparent future for relationships between residents and the Committee.

  Our Latest News


27 February 2015

We currently have only one lady sitting on the Darras Hall Estate Committee and we need more to give a better representative profile.  We would also like to hear from someone with an acco...
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Estate Committee Launch New Website

01 December 2014

Darras Hall Estate Committee has launched its new website in December 2014.  The aim of the new website is to improve access to information and make communication between residents and th...
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  Our Latest Events

Annual General Meeting

18 March 2015 | 19:30 - 21:00

Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday March 18th 2015 at 7:30PM
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