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Due to some office refurbishment the Estate office will be closed from

11am Thursday 17 January 2019

until 10 am Monday 21 January 2019


Darras Hall Estate Searches

Due to the high number of follow up enquiries from Solicitors, the Committee have no alternative but to charge a £20 administration fee from 15 January 2019.

This website has been developed to facilitate the exchange of information both ways between us, it has the capability to evolve and increase its functionality as our requirements and imaginations see fit. 

Help Us to Help You!

In an attempt to improve our terrible road surfaces please click on the following link to report any particularly bad areas to Northumberland County Council http://mapreport.northumberland.gov.uk/potholes/you will then have to search for 'potholes' and zoom in on the map for your area of concern.  Another link is https://www.gov.uk/report-pothole, the more people report, the better chance we have to improve our roads.

Download the 'mystreet northumbria' app. to your mobile telephone for easy access to make complaints

Do you think the recently installed dog waste bag dispenser stations have assisted with the cleanliness of the Bridlepath?

  Our Latest News


15 January 2019

Unfortunately due to the high number of further enquiries being made by Solicitors following a Search being carried out, the Committee have no alternative but to begin charging an adminis...
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Roadworks - Middle Drive

26 October 2018

As many residents will have noticed there are upcoming works scheduled for the re-surfacing of Middle Drive from the Eastern Way intersection up to Western Way.  This will be done in two ...
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