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Here you will find a lot of useful information regarding the Darras Hall Estate.

COVID-19 Outbreak. Please visit our links section for a up to date list of essential services during this difficult period. 

  ***PAYING RENT VIA THE BANK*** Please note that when payment is made via mobile banking and, in some cases, even via a Bank unless we have a reference number, we cannot process your payment as we have no knowledge of which address it relates to.  Therefore, please ensure that your roll number or address is included.  

Planning Application Fees

Unfortunately we can no longer offer the service to pay planning application fees via our website.  If you would like to pay via online banking then please contact the Estate office for bank account details, alternatively you can pay by cash or cheque.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

This website has been developed to facilitate the exchange of information both ways between us, it has the capability to evolve and increase its functionality as our requirements and imaginations see fit. 

Help Us to Help You!

In an attempt to improve our terrible road surfaces please click on the following link to report any particularly bad areas to Northumberland County Council http://mapreport.northumberland.gov.uk/potholes/you will then have to search for 'potholes' and zoom in on the map for your area of concern.  Another link is https://www.gov.uk/report-pothole, the more people report, the better chance we have to improve our roads.

Download the 'mystreet northumbria' app. to your mobile telephone for easy access to make complaints

  Our Latest News

Weed Killing On The Estate

30 June 2020

Northumberland County Council will be conducting several weed killing operations on the Estate within the next couple of weeks followed by a brush truck soon after. 
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Darras Hall Scrubs Bags

27 April 2020

Darras Hall and Ponteland residents are all pulling together to create scrubs bags for our NHS staff. As of yesterday, over 1000 scrub bags have been distributed to RVI, Freeman, RVI Resp...
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