News from Darras Hall Estates Committee

you will find all our latest news here to help keep you informed about what's happening around Darras Hall

  • Suggestion of Pedestrian Crossing on Broadway

    15 July 201914:24

    A suggestion has been made by residents to have a pedestrian crossing installed on Broadway.  The Estate Committee representative for all Highways matters with Northumberland County Council, is making further enquiries into this matter.  We will update you in the future.  (Read More)
  • Western Way Roadworks

    15 July 201909:51

    Just a note to residents that there will be some further roadworks required on Western Way towards the end of July.  This is because the micro-dressing carried out last year is not up to standard in specific areas, but Colas are going to replace the whole section. Whilst this work is scheduled for the end of the month, it is ...  (Read More)
  • Installation of New Waste Bins

    17 June 201911:33

    There are two new waste bins on the junction of Woodside/Edge Hill and Western Way (opposite Beech Court), which are proving to be useful to residents.  These bins were purchased and installed by the Estate Committee as a result of a survey on the Darras Hall Facebook Group page, instigated by the late John Myers.    (Read More)
  • Northumberland County Council - Weed Killing

    17 June 201910:03

    Notice to residents - Northumberland County Council have applied weed killer around the Estate last week and residents should see signs of weeds, at the side of our roads, dying off now.  This will be followed up by sending a sweeper truck around the roads which require it, although in general weeds should just wither away.  ...  (Read More)