News from Darras Hall Estates Committee

you will find all our latest news here to help keep you informed about what's happening around Darras Hall

  • Flooding Issue on the Grasslands

    17 June 201909:08

    As some residents will have noticed/reported to the Estate Committee, we have had a flooding problem at the entrance to the Grasslands.  As this photograph will show, we have involved a drainage expert and a large amount of tree roots/ debris was cleared from the land drain.  We are carrying out further investigation into thi...  (Read More)
  • John Myers

    04 June 201909:22

    John Myers, who was a much valued and enthusiastic member of the Estate Committee, has very sadly passed away. He was an incredible man with a massive personality and a zest for life.   R.I.P. John, you will be sadly missed.    (Read More)
  • Estate Car Park Footpath

    14 May 201914:19

    Some of you may have noticed that the footpath leading from the Estate car park towards Darras Hall Primary School and the United Reformed Church has been resurfaced.  This was done to alleviate a trip hazard from protruding tree roots and help with drainage, as it has a porous surface.  (Read More)
  • Chairman's Report 2018

    01 April 201914:46

    To view the Chairman's Report please click here.  If you require a hard copy this is possible via email request or calling into the Estate office.  (Read More)