News from Darras Hall Estates Committee

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  • GDPR Legislation

    15 May 201810:58

    Due to new GDPR legislation regarding personal information and privacy issues, the Committee have decided to withdraw our registration process with resident's providing their email addresses and all information that has previously been received will be destroyed forthwith.    (Read More)
  • Roadworks Update

    18 April 201811:57

    To provide residents with an update on our much needed road improvements on the Estate, we would like to report as follows:- Money available this year for roadworks, especially to address the major damage incurred over the past few years which has created a multiplicity of potholes, consists of £1.85M from Central Government ...  (Read More)
  • Presentation of Commemorative Plaque

    03 April 201814:08

    At our recent AGM, Andrew Mate, Chairman, presented a commemorative plaque to former members of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, namely:- Mr Chris Winks representing the Village Councillor Peter Jackson, representing the rural district Mrs Alma Dunigan, representing Darras Hall The Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan...  (Read More)
  • Chairman's Report 2017

    27 March 201814:26

    To view the Chairman's Report 2017 please click here  Email and hard copy versions are also available by request to the Estate office.  (Read More)