News from Darras Hall Estates Committee

you will find all our latest news here to help keep you informed about what's happening around Darras Hall

  • 20 mph Speed Limit

    26 March 201910:09

    Please be aware that following the introduction of the 20 mph speed limit surrounding the new Primary School, the Community Speed Watch team have visited the area on a few occasions and 130 drivers were recorded as being over the speed limit.  100 warning letters have been sent out to the offending motorists together with som...  (Read More)
  • Fire on Broadway

    11 February 201912:10

    Darras Hall residents looking forward to a new restaurant opening on Broadway, will have to wait longer than expected as a recent fire has caused considerable damage.  Fire investigators are presently looking into the cause of the fire.    (Read More)
  • Firefighter Recruitment

    23 January 201910:50

    Your local Fire Station needs you!  For more information please click here  (Read More)

    15 January 201915:05

    Unfortunately due to the high number of further enquiries being made by Solicitors following a Search being carried out, the Committee have no alternative but to begin charging an administration fee from 15 January 2019.  This charge will be set at £20.  (Read More)