News from Darras Hall Estates Committee

you will find all our latest news here to help keep you informed about what's happening around Darras Hall

  • Indiscriminate Parking

    15 May 201811:24

    Over recent weeks the Committee have received a number of complaints regarding indiscriminate parking, mainly around the new Primary School area on Middle Drive and Woodside.  The Project Manager of Darras Hall Primary School has informed the Committee that the main car park at the school is under construction for the next 3 ...  (Read More)
  • Roadworks Update and New Speed Limit

    15 May 201811:00

    The original repair and patching program has been completed, but the inspections within the area are continuing with quite a few areas of potholes marked up already, and there should be a further program of dressing and patching in the summer.  Two Committee members are meeting Glen Sanderson, the Environment and Local Servic...  (Read More)
  • GDPR Legislation

    15 May 201810:58

    Due to new GDPR legislation regarding personal information and privacy issues, the Committee have decided to withdraw our registration process with resident's providing their email addresses and all information that has previously been received will be destroyed forthwith.    (Read More)
  • Roadworks Update

    18 April 201811:57

    To provide residents with an update on our much needed road improvements on the Estate, we would like to report as follows:- Money available this year for roadworks, especially to address the major damage incurred over the past few years which has created a multiplicity of potholes, consists of £1.85M from Central Government ...  (Read More)