Roadworks Update

18 April 201811:57

To provide residents with an update on our much needed road improvements on the Estate, we would like to report as follows:-

Money available this year for roadworks, especially to address the major damage incurred over the past few years which has created a multiplicity of potholes, consists of £1.85M from Central Government support (which we understand was only ~£1.2M last year), £930k from the Department for Transport as a Pothole Action Fund grant, and a further £420k from the Northumberland County Council contingency fund, so a total of ~£3.2M.

There is a lot of activity going on around the Estate just now, which hopefully will be evident to all of our residents. A significant number of potholes have been identified by the Highways Department and marked with red roadpaint for localised repairs, and with larger areas being marked with white roadpaint identifying sections where the area is to be cut out down to the base and patched. However, there is no doubt that we need to maintain our close communication with the Highways Department to ensure that wherever possible the Estate issues in this respect are prioritised.

As such the more attention we can bring to identifying specific incidences of potholes on all of our roads, the more likely we are to see action taken to address these. The more we can encourage use of the NCC website map, which allows reporting of potholes and damage to footpaths, the better.  Recent experience has definitely resulted in repairs being carried out after reporting via this route. There is also a phone app to allow the same reporting method, which can be downloaded at App Stores as 'MyStreet Northumbria'.